Musings of an ischaemic encephalon

Have you had a reboot today?

Skip Reddy
Born, grew up, schooled and started a business on Long Island. In December 2001, I moved to Northern Virginia for a new job, new life, and a chance to experience something different from where I grew up. I moved back to Long Island in December 2004, 3 years after moving, almost to the day to move in with my honey, rocketpup.

I'm now living in North Babylon, NY with my boyfriend and working out east on Long Island. Good job, great home. I gotta say I'm happy with my life.

I don't lock posts very often. I don't friend people just because they friend me. I periodically go through and alter my filter lists and my overall friend list.

Buy me something, it'll make you feel better:This journal contains a variety of content. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the content other than my moods. I will share my views of the world, my recent life experiences, and a variety of erotic and sexual topics both factual and fictional, some of which will appear to be violent to the casual observer.

Since its introduction, I've tried to make diligent use of Livejournal's tagging feature
adrenalin, assplay, b&d, babylon 5, ball stretching, ball torture, bdsm, being tied up, blindfolds, blowjobs, bodysuits, bondage, bondage and dominance, books, boots, bound & gagged, boxer briefs, breath control, butt plugs, carbon leaf, card games, cbt, chastity, chastity devices, coldplay, collars, comic books, comics, computer games, computers, control, cuddling, d&d, darlex, dominant men, domination, eating healthy, edge play, edging, electrostimulation, endurance bondage, enforced chastity, erotic stories, farscape, fisting, fistmitts, flogging, football uniforms, forced chastity, forced transformation, fucking, full coverage, gags, gay, gay bdsm, gay bondage, gay male chastity, gay men, gay weightlifting, gmsma, gold's gym, high and tights, hypnosis, immobilization, kink, leather, leather bondage gear play, leather sleepsacks and straightjackets, linux, male bondage, male chastity, male submissives, medical fetish, men, mind control, mmorpg, mmorpgs, monty python, mummification, muscle, muscle guys, muscle men, musclebears, musclefurs, orgasm control, painful positions, poker, posture collars, powered armor, reading, red vs blue, restraints, robots, role playing, role playing games, rope, rope bondage, ropes, rough sex, rough trade, rpg, rpgs, rubber, s&m, s/m, sadism, sci-fi, sci-fi films, science, science fiction, scifi, sensory deprivation, sex, sf4m, shaved heads, single malt scotch, six feet under, sleepsacks, slings, solaris, spandex, star trek, star wars, stephen king, straight jackets, straightjackets, strait jackets, straitjackets, submission, sucking, sushi, system administration, technobondage, the unspeakable vice of the greeks, thermal underwear, tied up, tivo, total enclosure, transformers, under armour, underwear, unix, utilikilts, video games, weight-lifting, world of darkness, world of warcraft, wrestling, ♂♂