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Cicero by Mary Mouse

Musings of an ischaemic encephalon

Have you had a reboot today?

[Musings...] Eternal Rubber, Chapter 2
Eternal RubberChapter 2
Copyright © 2008 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to
archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult
Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to
anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express
permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of
any archive.What follows is a piece of fiction. Any similarity to
living persons is coincidental. The author does not condone the
activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar
activities himself.Comments to skip (at) reddywhip.org
“Mister Blackstone, a pleasure to see you this evening.” Thanks to the
alert by Danny the bartender, the strange man in neck to toe latex and
the flowing overcoat was able to greet the newcomer within seconds of
him entering the bar.“Efficient as ever, Mr. Mortson. I’ve decided to
observe this new prospect you’ve found for me before making my
decision.” The newcomer was an older man. Well over 6 feet and nicely
muscled with closely cropped thin white hair, Francis Blackstone
radiated calm assurance and authority. He practically shone, his own
latex uniform polished to perfection. Blackstone wore a form-fitting
neck entry catsuit with a codpiece, calf-hugging boots ladder laced
with bright white cord and what could only be described as a utility
belt that Batman would be proud of.Standing next to each other,
Blackstone and the stranger whom Blackstone addressed as “Mortson”,
were like two similar magnetic poles: both powerful and attracting to
most, but to each other, it seemed like it was only their force of will
keeping them within proximity and that any moment, there would be an
explosion.“Is that the boy, over there?” Blackstone asked, indicating
Alex, over in the alcove.“No, Francis, yours is over there flirting
with the bartender. Danny will be so disappointed when you choose this
one. He was hoping to take him home himself. The one all trussed up is
my own acquisition”Blackstone glowered. He hated when the stranger
acted so familiar, using his given name when he didn’t know the
Stranger’s real name. 25 years of doing business, and Blackstone had
come to know the man as the “Stranger”, capital S, in his own mind,
having found at least five separate identities for him.“Well then, I’m
going to go observe your candidate for a while. Are you ready to
deliver him?”“Are you ready to receive him?”“Of course.”“And you expect
me to be any less prepared? Francis, my dear old friend,” the Stranger
put a harsh, biting emphasis on ‘old’, ”do you expect to be any less
prepared? I always have an operative laying in wait.” The Stranger
handed Blackstone the drink which was suddenly waiting on the bar next
to them. “Scotch, single malt, at least 18 years old. One rock, just
like you.” Blackstone scowled. “Just like you always order, of
course.”Blackstone accepted the drink, frowning. “One day, I will find
out where your intel comes from, Mortson. I’ll signal you yes or no
when I leave.”Leaving Blackstone to his affairs, the Stranger dropped
off his overcoat at the coat check. Stripping off the fabric shell, the
Stranger revealed underneath a cloak of dozens, maybe even hundreds, of
black latex strips dangling from around his neck. The tendrils of the
Stranger’s cloak hung about him and constantly moved ever so slightly,
undulating as though constantly stirred by the Stranger’s motion or by
a draft through the bar. Black like the rest of the Stranger’s latex,
the layers of black latex strips formed an even darker blackness
beneath, in the shadows between strands.The Stranger returned to Alex,
walking up behind Peter, the bar’s resident cock sucker who had his
back to the bar and his mouth over Alex’s dick. Alex, was still
anchored to the wall by his neck, and Peter had managed to pin the
boy’s arms behind his back and was going to town on the poor boy’s
dick.The man on his knees working over the boy was wearing a sleeveless
black latex suit which ran down his torso and disappeared down his legs
into hip-high waders. The sleeveless top showed off well defined,
though not large, muscles covered in intricate tattoo work. The right
arm showed a cascading celtic knot work which started extremely dense
at the shoulder and seemed to both fade out and space itself out as it
wound down passed the elbow and over the forearm to finally disappear
just shy of his wrist. “I’ve been gone at least five minutes, Peter,
haven’t you gotten a load out of the boy, yet?”The tattoo on Peter’s
left arm showed a writhing elongated gothic dragon with the tail
disappearing under the latex at the shoulder and the body stretched
down the arm with the mouth ending on the back of the hand. The
Stranger got an excellent view of the life-like detail of the green and
gold eyes of the tattoo as Peter shot his left arm up to show his
middle finger to the Stranger. The middle finger held the outstretched
tongue of the dragon tattoo.“Come now, Peter, no need for tha…” The
Stranger ended his quip mid-syllable as Alex made a sudden panting
noise and grunted loudly through his gag as his hips bucked. Peter
extended his index finger, still holding his hand up in the air for
another few moments before standing up and wiping his mouth with the
back of his hand.“I’m sure I could get another two loads out of him if
you want, boss, real easy.”“I’m sure you could, Peter, now off with
you. This boy’s mine.”Peter wiped his mouth once more with his
dragon-inked hand, the eyes of that beast seeming to glisten and wink
at the Stranger as Peter slunk away.The Stranger reached up to the
collar still holding Alex to the wall and pinched the latches on either
side to release his neck. Alex practically fell away from the wall into
the Stranger’s arms, and the writhing tendrils of the Stranger’s
writhing cloak. Pivoting around Alex, the Stranger placed his own back
against the wall and turned Alex around to watch the room.“It’s
amazing, isn’t it? All these people, all drawn to each other, to this
place. How do so many different men from such different backgrounds
find an interest in leather, rubber, bondage, or all of them? You knew,
didn’t you, Alex?”The boy nodded, mesmerized by the feelings of being
pressed against this man behind him, the voice whispering in his ear.“I
could tell you were one of us the moment you walked into the bar. Not
just someone looking for a dalliance, but a lifer. It’s a talent of
mine, one I developed a long time ago. I know. Like I know you want
more of your body covered in the latex. To just feel it running down
your legs, covering you head to toe.”Enfolded in the Stranger’s cloak,
Alex imagined he could feel everything the Stranger said, as he said
it. The tendrils of the cloak lightly lapping against his body felt
like hundreds of constant sensual strokes. Meanwhile, the Stranger held
him back against his body with one arm around his chest and the other
stroking his head, probing his mouth, wandering about the boy’s
body.“You like that feeling, don’t you, that feeling of rubber
streaming around your body, enclosing it.”Alex weakly tried to say
‘yes’ through his gag, but it only came out as “Yuff” as the Stranger
reached down and grasped his cock.The Stranger smiled as he felt a new
erection begin. “And you like . . . sounding like a dog.” Throb. “The
idea of your hands, your paws being on the floor,” Throb. “Your hind
paws set so you can only scamper around on all fours,” Throb. “Only
able to bark and wag your tail…” The Stranger squeezed playfully as
Alex’s dick throbbed again.“Yes, I think you would like that. Not all
the time, but at least some times being that dog. That’s what you want
to have, what you want to give: the unconditional love of a dog for his
master.” The slight nod and the whimper from Alex’s gagged mouth told
the Stranger what he already knew.“You want the tail, don’t you?” The
Stranger had a way of making questions sound like statements. “More
than anything, you want to feel it feel it, like an extension of your
body. You want to be able to wag it and life it up so that your alpha
can mount you.” Alex nodded vigorously at this, imagining the sensation
of his wagging tail and the pleasure of being mounted.“That’s right,
you can feel it, can’t you? You’d make a great lab retriever, a
chocolate labrador retriever. You’ve even got the right muzzle for it,
can’t you see?” Pointing across the room at the mirror behind the bar,
the Stranger indicated a pair in the mirror. One was the Stranger, the
other was someone apparently wearing a black rubber hood with ears and
a muzzle like a dog, a Labrador retriever like the Stranger had
described. Shaking his head in surprise, Alex saw the dog hood shake
his own head. That was him!The Stranger whispered in his ear. “That’s
right, my dog boy, that’s you. Look at your paws, pup.” With that, the
Stranger pulled Alex’s rubber-covered fists out of the folds of the
cloak to where he could see them. Alex would swear he could still feel
his hands, his fingers, but all he could see was a large, human sized
dog paw.“Now, now, boy. I know you dogs like to stand on your hind
paws, but wouldn’t it be so much easier on the ground?” As the Stranger
spoke the words, Alex felt it becoming harder and harder to remain
standing. “That’s right, Alex. I haven’t had a dogboy around the bar in
a while. You’d like to be my pet for a bit, wouldn’t you?”With that,
the Stranger let go of Alex’s arms, which threw Alex off balance and he
forward collapsing to the floor. His fists, his padded forepaws,
cushioned the fall. Looking back to his legs to see what was wrong with
them, he barked out loud in surprise, and then barked again in surprise
at his own barking.What Alex couldn’t understand was where his pants
had gone. He had been wearing denim blue jeans and tan work boots and
now he was covered below the waist in latex. His toes were pointed
completely down and unable to support any weight when he tried to stand
up again. There was a tingling behind him, and he saw his tail wagging
through the Stranger’s cloak. He barked again at the sight of the tail,
and again at the sight of his own dick, enclosed in a thick rubber
sheath. Alex tried to aggressively jump up at the Stranger, but only
managed to plant his forepaws on the Stranger’s chest. “Oh, so you’re a
playful puppy, are you?” The sudden scratching/rubbing behind his ears
unexpectedly led to Alex panting and wiggling his butt back and forth
to wag his tail.He shook his head side to side, trying to clear it and
only succeeded in throwing drool to the left and right. “Down boy, I’ll
take you home with me later, but for now, you should go sniff the butts
around here and get to know the place better.”Taking a hold of Alex’s
forepaws, he picked them up and deposited them to the side, Alex
landing with a *whumpf!* The Stranger patted Alex’s upraised behind and
pointed to a small group. “Go on, boy!”As Alex hesitantly padded off
towards some of the regulars off in another dark corner, the Stranger
took in the room. Alex was easy, and only gave token resistance to his
suggestions. In his heart, Alex knew what he wanted and was ready to
accept the Stranger’s suggestions. He had an open heart and mind.In his
contract with Blackstone, the Stranger had agreed not to engage any
prospective subjects himself, so he would need to find a proxy for when
Blackstone approved of Jordan. An attractive man with interests similar
to Alex, the Stranger had considered taking Jordan for his own.
However, the Stranger sensed an edge to Jordan, a fire in him that
would work to Jordan’s advantage.Danny interrupted the Stranger’s
reverie with one of his clicking signals. A brief glance towards Danny
and then towards the door revealed Danny nodding his head slightly and
pointing his thumb towards Blackstone who was exiting the bar.“Show
time,” the Stranger thought to himself. Peering around the bar, the
stranger picked out a casual regular to the bar. The chosen proxy was a
weak willed predator traveling with a group of his pedestrian friends.
“Fodder for another day.”Sighing and visibly relaxing, the Stranger ran
his hands up the back of his smooth bald head and down over his face to
his chin. The way the hood seemed to appear on his head, a chance
observer would be hard-pressed to say if the Stranger was pulling the
hood over his head from the back or painting it on with the flat of his
hands. The rubber was adhered perfectly to his skin, showing all his
features save his mouth, which was oddly smooth. His eerie eyes showed
through openings which seemed to meld with his skin, the only other
portals in the hood were holes reaching into his nostrils. It was alien
in appearance, but this strange man radiated comfort and
self-assurance.Standing there in the alcove, he watched the patron
until it was time to engage him. Glenn, he’d heard the man called by
his friends. Glenn was a predator in his own right. If the Stranger
wasn’t going to make use of him this night, he might need to take him
out of circulation sooner than later, anyway. This way, perhaps the
Stranger might redeem Glenn before he became a danger, or at least
neuter him.Eye contact made, and as quickly, Glenn was distracted.
“Glenn’s seen me. He wanted to see me. Good.” The Stranger signaled to
Danny as he made his way to the bathroom. It was time to prepare for
Glenn’s now inevitable trip to the bathroom and the beginning of
Glenn’s new life as well. Between Alex and Glenn, this strange man
would have hands full with training.

[Musings...] Piercing Experiences: Nipples
Most of my life, my nipples have been horribly insensitive. I’d know if
someone was touching them, but they were rarely pleasurable. Sure, they
could be hurt and it wasn’t hard to cause them pain. But again, there
was no gap between being aware of sensation and the sensation of pain.
Some pigs enjoy the nipple pain. There was no pleasure, or
pain/pleasure combination. I didn’t get enjoyment from the pain, and I
still don’t.

What I learner over time though was that after really rough nipple play
(hey, even though I didn’t enjoy it, I’d be bound and couldn’t
(wouldn’t?) object to what the top did), my nipples would be
pleasurably sensitive to very light touches afterwards. When the
contact was kept light, the sensation effectively short circuited my
brain. I didn’t go into sensory overload, per se, but all of my
attention would snap to the feeling of the light caresses of my
nipple’s nubs. I would go slack-jawed as my eyes closed and I would
sigh at the sensation.

I loved those feelings when they would happen, but I rarely let people
push me hard enough and the people who I did play with that were likely
to push that hard were unlikely to be of the type to be so gentle
afterwards. I can count only a handful of instances where I had that

That changed in July 2008.

I’d been talking with a Master in MD for some years and he’d shown an
interest in helping me with a fantasy of mine. I knew I wanted my
nipples pierced and also knew I’d be too much a coward to follow
through. July 4th weekend in 2008, I found myself strapped down to the
bondage table in his basement. I was completely immobilized: mitts,
blindfold, straps over arms, legs, torso. Adding in head and chin
straps completely removed my freedom of motion. I was stuck.

And while I was completely stuck, I got stuck. 14 gauge needles (1.6
mm) went through first one then the other of my nipples. Stars exploded
behind my eyes. If not for the blindfold, I’m sure I’d have had tunnel

After Healing
Immediately, the “wiring” got connected. That “lost in the feeling”
experience came all the time now. For the first few months, even the
motion of my t-shirts would be horribly distracting.
I loved it... except for the fact that people seeing a new piercing
tend to gravitate to playing with it. For the next year and a half, my
nipples would be almost healed when someone would play with them just a
bit too much. (Yes, I was guilty of this myself). One or the other
nipple would get irritated and then infected. It was never anything
bad, just really annoying.

Around January 2010, I took out the left nipple ring. It was the one
that gave me the most problems. The nipple healed up in days, but the
hole itself was completely closed within hours.

I originally started off with some circular barbells, but I think they
may have been better off starting with a straight barbell initially. I
switched out to straight barbells while healing. They didn't get hooked
on or in things quite so easily.

I'm currently wearing a 10ga circular barbell which I'll occasionally
switch out for a captured segment ring, which I'm quite fond of.

Since then, my nipples have been quite sensitive. It's easy to cause me
pain with them, and I still don't enjoy that pain. In fact, I find that
once they've been used to cause me pain, I don't enjoy nipple play for
a while afterwards. It's not until they're back to the new norm that I
enjoy them.

I may get the left nipple re-pierced, I haven't decided. I'll probably
need to be strapped down again for that, because it hurt that much. My
other piercings were MUCH easier. But those are other stories

[Musings...] Photos: Snogging Skinheads
I think skinheads are, to put it bluntly, fucking hot. Attention to detail, sharp dress, well kept boots that they show off well. The ones I particularly like are usually a bit on the aggressive side too. Mix that in with a bunch of perverts or sexual deviants, and I'm a happy camper.

During a trip to Berlin in 2009, I got to go with a bunch to an abandoned hospital outside of the city. I brought my camera. These are some of the hottest pics from that session. I didn't do any "art direction", I just took pictures of them being themselves.

The whole set of the Berlin Abandoned Hospital is available on my flickr account.

[Musings...] The Bathroom KO, chapter 2
The Bathroom KOChapter 2
Copyright © 2005 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to
archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult
Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to
anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express
permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of
any archive.

What follows is a piece of fiction. Any similarity to living persons is
coincidental. The author does not condone the activities described
herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
Comments to skip (at) reddywhip.org
"Hey John, could you pass me that monkey wrench?" I pass Fred the
wrench by the tail as I'm being jostled by the pack of wolves passing
by. "Bill, could you keep it down in here? These wolves are being
really rambunctious. Bill? Bill!" The jostling keeps getting
worse . . .. . . I wake slowly, being bounced around. 'Augh, I hate
waking from KOs', I think. My face is planted against a molded plastic
floor. Another bounce. I try opening my eyes and meet resistance... and
I instantly recognize that tackiness on my face, 'Duct tape'. I can
feel the tape wrapped all the way around my head, and I silently thank
the universe for the fact I got a high & tight haircut the day before.I
try not to make too much noise, trying to figure out what's going on
and where I am, but I let out a grunt when I'm bounced again. The floor
slams up against me. 'It sounds like I'm inside something... must be a
suburban... Marcus brought the SUV? But his leathers...'My hands are
cuffed behind me, and I'm lying on my side. It feels like the tape is
still on my legs. My right arm's gone completely numb, 'Damnit'. I roll
onto my chest, to give my arm a chance to wake up. That damned piss gag
is still in, and my jaw is aching. 'At least he was kind enough to tuck
my cock back in my pants.'I soon break out of my analytical state and
start worrying. I have no idea how long I've been out, where I am, or
where we're going. I fight down the nausea welling up in my throat...
equal parts queasiness from the chloroform and fear.The vehicle grinds
to a sharp stop and I half roll, half slide forward and slam into
something... the back seats, I imagine. My head thumps against the side
wall, and I let escape "Augh!" Someone up front speaks, "Oh, you're
awake back there? Don't worry, we'll be dealing with you soon
enough."'Ugh, like my head didn't hurt enough from the chloro... now
this. Was that Marcus's voice?' I still didn't know how I'd been moved
the several hundred feet from the bathroom in the office. Were we still
on the corporate campus? 2300 acres isn't exactly small.The
transmission shifts, and I hear the ratcheting of the parking brake
engaging. A car door opens and closes, and my nerves start up again. My
breathing increases, and I can smell the stale piss on myself from
earlier. Another door opens, and I hear some rattling in the front
seats, metal scratching metal, and then the door slams shut.I hear the
rear door of the car open up, and a blast of fresh air blows over me.
The night air feels cool on my soaked skin. I start to notice an odd
smell in the air when I hear a clicking sound in front of me, and
Marcus tells me, "Now you're going to behave," and before I can respond
at all, I feel the edge of a blade against my face. I freeze...The
knife is slowly, but carefully dragged backwards from my forehead, back
behind my ear. I don't think he's cutting... but I'm scared... the
whimpering sneaks out through the piss gag. The blade drags down over
the duct tape, behind my ear. I feel the sharp bite of the blade
pushing up into my ear just behind my jaw line. I inhale quickly,
preparing for the worst, when the knife quickly slides up behind my ear
with a ripping sound. The blood drains from my face . . .. . . out of
shock and fear. I felt nothing other than the tug of the duct tape as
the knife cut through it. I hear a *snikt* as he pulls the knife away
from my face. I breathe a sigh of relief... however short-lived.I feel
his right hand grasping the tape behind my ear, and I quickly forced my
eyes shut as he ripped the tape off. "Auh!" It felt like my eyelids
were being ripped off. My earlier thanks for having my head shaved
faded from memory. I blinked briefly, trying to open my eyes despite
the tackiness of the tape residue. As I blinked away the blurriness, I
heard that click again as I saw Marcus pointing a semi-automatic
handgun at my face."Now like I said, John. You're going to be a good
boy and behave, aren't you?" I nodded slowly. "Now I'm going to give
you the keys to your cuffs". He pulls his knife back out, and quickly
slices the tape on my ankles and knees, leaving the remnants of the
tape attached to my jeans. Stepping back, he tucked the knife away
again. "When I give you the keys, you're going to unlock the cuffs, put
them down, and /slowly/ climb out of the truck. You can even take off
the gag if you want. Nod if you understand."Seeing a light at the end
of the tunnel, I nodded as instructed. Marcus tossed the handcuff keys
into the back of the SUV with me, and stepped back about 6 paces. I
scooted forward to I could grab the keys off the floor, with my hands
cuffed behind my back. Not an easy thing to do, considering my arm was
still pretty numb. I managed to get the key with my left hand and work
my hands free.Sitting up, I felt my head clear and caught my first
whiff of sea air. I used the time it took me to take off the gag to
look around. I caught a glimpse of a wheelbarrow in the middle seats.
That explains how he got me into the SUV. The next sight was the sandy
beach to go with the ocean air that I was smelling. Which figures...
Long Island *is* an island after all. But no landmarks that I could see
to suggest where on the island we were.As instructed, I slowly slid out
of the SUV, and Marcus backed up to maintain his distance. As my feet
touched the ground, I almost tripped on a shovel sitting on the
ground. "Pick it up," he said.Finally getting my jaw worked loose
enough to speak, I opened up with. "What for? And what the fuck are we
doing out . . . "*BANG*With a quick flick of his wrist, for the second
time in 5 minutes he scared what would've been the piss out of me, if I
had any left. The bullet went off over the water. I was terrified and
clammed up."Now you said you'd behave. That shot was so that you know
that no one is going to come running if I actually shot you. So don't
get any funny ideas. You're going to pick up that shovel, and walk over
to that orange flag in the ground over there. And you're going to start
digging. We're on what you might call a treasure hunt."- - - -An hour
of digging later, and my arms were ready to fall off. The shoveling of
damp sand had quickly worked circulation back into my arms, only to
have them dead from exhaustion from the shoveling. The only words that
Marcus spoke were about 30 minutes into the shoveling, when he looked
at his watch and said, "Would you get to the bottom of that hole
already? I've got a party to get to."At first, the digging was
difficult due to the dry sand flowing back into the hole. Luckily, that
was only the first 20 minutes of shoveling. I had to dig the hole wide
enough so that the edge of the dry sand wouldn't keep on falling back
in. Then I had to keep the hole wide enough for me to work in.When
Marcus finally said "Okay, stop. You're done digging." I had already
stopped sweating from dehydration. Marcus tossed me down a bottle of
water. "Here, punk, you've earned it. Now toss that shovel up
here.""Thanks," I said, thinking 'yes, thanks your merciful
dickishness.' I threw the shovel up out of the hole and quickly downed
the lukewarm water. After chugging the water, I spit out between gasps
for air, "So where's this treasure you're looking for?"His response was
to toss me another bottle of water. "Here, drink up." I grabbed the
bottle out of the air and drank it down fairly quickly. "We'll be
starting up again in just a minute.""Wait a sec, you said we were done
shoveling.""No, I said *you* were done digging."I looked around and
didn't see anything of interest in the hole. Then I noticed I was
standing upright in the hole and my chest was just barely level with
the outside mound of sand built up around the hole. I had a sudden
sinking feeling."Come now," Marcus asked, "you have to have seen Creep
Show at some point. Get down on your knees and put your hands behind
your back."I stood still for a moment. Weighing the possibilities
didn't look good. All I could muster to say was, "You've got to be
joking. I *have* seen Creep Show and I'm not going to let you make me
drown myself. It doesn't work that way.""Oh get your head out of your
ass, kid. If I'd wanted you dead, you'd be dead already. Not that I
wouldn't do it, but why would I want that? It's no fun. Now on your
knees while you still have a choice in the matter."I slowly got down
onto my knees. What choice did I have? If I rushed him, he could kill
me. I'd never really talked to him at the office, I didn't know squat
about him. Playing along with him would be the only way I'd have time
to figure a way to get away from him. As I knelt down I asked, "Okay,
but what guarantees do I have?""None. I know you're not that stupid.
Now make sure you kneel nice and upright. We wouldn't want to get your
head buried."He moved around to the edge of the pile and pulled up on
what must've been a sheet of plywood. I hadn't noticed it there before
as I was shoveling. It made a huge chunk of the sand I had dug out, and
perhaps more, flow down into the hole with me. Lifting a second, and
then a third buried sheet, I was already buried up to the top of my
ass. I wasn't going to jump out of here any time soon.My heart was
still pumping from the heavy lifting I had done and I was really
getting tired. With my arms dead from all that digging, I don't know
that I would've been able to be much of a match for him, even if I had
gotten out. It didn't take him as long to fill in the hole as it took
for me to dig it and soon I was buried up to my neck. My arms trapped
against my body, no way to gain leverage to pull them out.The
exhaustion started to get to me. Resigned to my situation, I closed my
eyes while Marcus was digging. I must have dozed off because I was
woken up by Marcus dumping a wheelbarrow full of water on me. I shook
my head to clear it, but I was still exhausted. 'Fuck', I thought to
myself, 'fuck, fuck, fuck!'"What the fuck dizh jou put in that water?"
I was tired and slurring, but not feeling drunk.I was answered a minute
later, after another barrow-full of water, "Oh, you finally figured
that out? That was easy. Just a mild sedative-hypnotic. Rather like
ambien, with all the wonderful amnesiac affects. And you drank more
than enough to put you to sleep for a while. And your little bath here
should help the sand to set up rather nicely."He was right. The sand
had started compacting around me, so he went and got more sand to fill
in around me, and build a nice pile behind my head. "Aren't I being
nice here? I'm giving you a pillow.""What tha fuckh do you want with
me?" I struggled to remain in control of my faculties."Oh come on now,
I haven't actually lied to you yet. I came here to find buried
treasure. And now you're buried. Don't worry, it's the weekend. You
won't be missing any work tomorrow.""What do you want with me?!" I
shouted at him as he walked away to the car.He came back carrying what
looked like a miniature tent, or umbrella. "Oh, that would ruin the
surprise. But since you've mostly behaved, I'll set this up... I've got
to run off for a few hours, and I don't want you to have trouble with
exposure.... or bugs. I'll hopefully be back before the tide comes
in."As he set up the little tent around me, I was plunged into
darkness. I screamed until I was hoarse, as I heard the SUV drive away.
It wasn't long before I lost the battle with the drugs and my
exhaustion as I quietly, but quickly, sobbed myself to sleep. I was
truly fucked.

[Musings...] Distracted while cleaning my latex
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Sunday I was spending the day inside.  I’d been wiped out from the day before an needed some “me” time.  So I took the opportunity to clean the apartment.  I started off by putting away laundry then shuffling around some of the furniture and getting a better arrangement of the living room layout.  After, I worked on trying to black a pair of pretty ratty boots.  They were a pair of pretty cheapa black jungle boots, cracking leather after only a few months.  I did a decent job, but there’s only so much can be done.

Then came cleaning my latex.  I’d worn some of my latex recently, so I needed to pull them out and wash them off...  but I didn’t get right there.  Something about spending that time blacking my boots put me in a mood...

So around 3PM in the afternoon, I started putting on my new catsuit from STR (skintightrubber.com).  Actually, what I did first was apply a copious amount of lubricant and slip easily into the suit.  It was perfect.  The suit is the neck-entry model, size “large short” at 0.45mm thickness.  Very nice indeed.  I didn’t stop there, though.  On top of that I put on a pair of latex gloves.  The crotch zip got near-immediate use because I was finding myself pretty horny and started stroking.

Since I hadn’t layered in a while, I thought I’d add a little more.  Next went on another of my recent acquisitions, a transparent Matrix Catsuit from Libidex.  Actually, I hadn’t bought directly from Libidex.  I found they had a listing on e-Bay and managed to snag the suit for £123, instead of the normal £225.  A pretty good price.  The attached feet were great.  The suit is made more out of panels than long sheets of latex, and gets an interesting look from that, especially with the transparency.

With my torso, hands and feet covered, I knew there was only one thing left to do.  I went to put on a hood.  What did my hands land on first?  Well that would be the Mr. S Leather latex urinal hood.  I was kind of surprised that it actually fit me, but it fit well over my head and succeeded in sealing me into my latex cocoon.  All except my cock which hung free.

I stood in the bathroom, watching my alien reflection stroking, and knew what I had to do.  I went and got a bottle from the kitchen and filled it.  Moments later, I felt the salty tang of my piss as I emptied the urine-filled bottle into the hopper on the hood.

I actually liked my taste.

My bladder was empty and so I decided to be mean to myself.  I wasn’t going to let myself out of my latex until I got off.  And I wasn’t going to let myself get off until I poured a whole 1 liter bottle of piss down my throat in one go.  It didn’t help (or did it?) that I’d just emptied my bladder.

Knowing that I’d have to really drink a lot to get out a liter now, I started filling up cup after cup of water and pouring it into the front of the urinal hood.  That’s an evil device.  If the urinal cup fills to the top, it will cut off your breathing through your nose.  Definite incentive to swallow faster.  I was kinda harsh to myself.  My right hand lubed, I was stroking while practically water-boarding myself with cup after cup of water until I felt bloated, but my bladder wasn’t filling yet.

Waiting for my bladder to fill, I went to watch some porn.  I’ve got some really hot video I downloaded off of BDSkin’s website a few years ago.  Watching immobilized skinhead bondage while I’m trapped in rubber with a piss funnel?  Yeah.  That worked well.  I was dripping precum when I wasn’t pissing.

The piss did come.  It came in dribbles for a while.  I sabotaged myself when the bottle was about 1/3 full. I poured the piss over my face into the urinal while I stroked and accidentally snorted the piss up my nose.

I now had the taste in my mouth and the smell in my nose.  I was practically whimpering as I waited for my bladder to fill again, and it did.  And again, I got in my own way by diluting the piss with warm tap water and pouring that down my throat as well.

I found myself begging . . . myself.  I guess I’m a pretty aggressive top, even to myself?  I was swimming in piss and being horny as hell.  I would take breaks from watching more BDSkin porn to fill up the bottle.  In time, I filled it up and let myself grab some lube and start stroking off.

Watching myself in the bathroom mirror, I filled up the urinal hood’s cup quickly and started chugging down as fast as I could while quickly getting close.  I may have had 5 seconds from when the piss ran into my nose before I shot high up on the mirror, higher than my head, and I kept pouring as I shot and shot.  Nasty top Reddy “forced” subby pig Reddy to finish chugging his piss long after he’d finished coming.

It was past dark when I finally stepped into the shower to finish “washing” my latex off, making it easily three or more hours in full coverage.  I think the new gear fits pretty well.

[Musings...] Story time
I've started posting stories, beginning with some of my older stuff.  I've decided to cheat and take advantage of my Blogger's scheduled publishing feature.  I've got one story/chapter being posted every Thursday at 9AM from now until mid July.  Thursday is fiction day.  I'll make other posts with other stories and commentary, but for now, I've got some content rolling.

I've still got pictures and personal experiences to post.  And since I'm locked in chastity (yes, again), I'm going to have some free time to think about it.

I've disabled automatic cross-posting over to my livejournal account, because none of the formatting translates.  Also, the stories which I'm about to start posting have already been posted over there.  In the mean time, I'll do a manual cross-posting.

My new blog is at http://reddywhp.blogspot.com/
My old blog is still at http://reddywhp.livejournal.com/

ps. Apparently, disabling the cross-posting didn't actually disable the cross-posting.
pps. Anyone know how to disable LJ's "Removing unwanted text" functionality from email posting? Or how to make Blogspot automatically append custom text to mail notifications it sends out?

[Musings...] The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Where in the world is . . .
In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth", I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.
I may have missed this, but where exactly in Chicago are you located?

Also, if you want to, any photos of the local scenery will be awesome.

Well, I'm living in the West Loop area of Chicago, near the Ogilvie Transportation Center. If you want more exact, buy me a drink some time.

Anyway, I don't have many pics of the area, but here's some I took just before Christmas.

Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 01Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 02Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 03Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 23Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 24Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 30

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[Musings...] The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Getting around town
In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth" (and you can still ask me anything until 23:59 in your local time on Feb 28 ), I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.

If I were taking a vacation to Chicago (say over Memorial Day weekend) what should I check out and what should I avoid like the plague?

So, I've been here for four months.  I spend most of my time commuting out to the burbs for work and hiding from the weather.  It's not bad overall, but I've been using the combination of weather and my knee being a little banged up as an excuse to stay in a lot. 

When I've gone out, I've occasionally hopped up to Boystown to meet folks for drinks at Sidetrack, ot up to Touché or Jackhammer/Hole for some fun.  I've been to the CHC play space a few times now that I'm a full member, and a have been to the Windy City Bondage Club a couple of times.

But as for coming to Chicago during IML?  I rarely leave the hotel during IML.  Everything I need is there.  Play space, people to play with, food, place to sleep.

If you're wanting a tour guide, well, I'm not the one to give advice.  I lived in NY all my life up until 2001 and never went to the WTC.  I never toured the Capitol or other gov't buildings when I lived in DC.  I'm not exactly a touristy kinda guy. :)

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[Musings...] The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Petland - Pet play?
In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth" (and you can still ask me anything until 23:59 in your local time on Feb 28 ), I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.

I see you talk about all sorts of scenes but I was curious if you were into pet play at all? Do you like it, hate it, or is it just not your thing?

Well that's an odd question, and I guess there's a few ways to answer that. It first depends on your definition of "pet play".

K9/Zoo/Beastiality. Just to be clear right off the bat, I don't have any kind of sexual congress with real animals. You need at the same number of chromosomes and roughly the same number of genes as I do.

Human pony/human horse play. I suppose some people see ponies as pets. ...like pre-teen girls. To me, they're beasts of burden. Same with horses. Sure, the occasional horse-cock dildo looks fun, but that's a texture thing, not a "mounted by horse" thing. Seeing someone riding around on a sulky is not only not my idea of a good time, but is an active turn-off. Just seems too pompous to me (says the guy spouting his opinions all over the internet). So the idea of a human horse? Does nothing for me sexually.

Human dog/human puppy play. Okay, my official response to this is that I do not seek puppies or dogs. I do not look for them. I do not advertise that I'm a pup trainer. I never have.

That said, I've had 3 full-on dating relationships with pups. I've been with Rocket for almost 8 years now. Other than that, I gave Murphy the name Murphy, and frequently find myself with a stray nipping at my heels. Honestly, though, I don't go looking.

I don't play fetch. I don't keep a dog bowl. I don't keep a leash. I don't have a pup hood. I just seem to attract pups. I really don't know why.

Now, I know I've been answering this as a top. Lemme answer now from the bottom side of things. It's much the same answer. I don't get into puppy play. That said, though, I do tend to get . . . feral at times. I growl, bite, and turn . . . well a bit wolfish. I don't enjoy crawling around on all fours like a dog, though I do tend to sit on the floor in front of the couch when watching TV.

I think that should answer the question enough.

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[Musings of an ischaemic encephalon] Testing - Maybe moving my blog.
This is a test. I'm debating switching from livejournal.com to
blogger.com as my primary posting engine. However, I will continue to
cross-post between the two locations... I think.

I've not decided to move yet. I'm just checking out the waters.

Look to my new blog at http://reddywhp.blogspot.com