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Cicero by Mary Mouse

Musings of an ischaemic encephalon

Have you had a reboot today?

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[Musings...] There's no beat... of the meat
I thought I’d post an update on my latest chastity escapade. It’s been
20 days since I’ve been locked up, almost 3 full weeks with a piece of
silicone secured to my cock & balls with a lock and metal cable.

The device
As I mentioned, I’m using the Birdlocked Maxi with their “Security
cordon” - a smooth metal cord secured to the lock after being threaded
through my PA. My PA is a 6ga captive segment ring I got from Painful
Pleasures. I need a took to take the ring out, and I can’t get the tool
at my PA to....

Read more on my new blog at reddywhp.blogspot.com

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Don't read here, read on my other blog. :)

tell me where it is again?

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