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[Musings...] Eternal Rubber, Chapter 2
Eternal RubberChapter 2
Copyright © 2008 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to
archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult
Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to
anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express
permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of
any archive.What follows is a piece of fiction. Any similarity to
living persons is coincidental. The author does not condone the
activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar
activities himself.Comments to skip (at)
“Mister Blackstone, a pleasure to see you this evening.” Thanks to the
alert by Danny the bartender, the strange man in neck to toe latex and
the flowing overcoat was able to greet the newcomer within seconds of
him entering the bar.“Efficient as ever, Mr. Mortson. I’ve decided to
observe this new prospect you’ve found for me before making my
decision.” The newcomer was an older man. Well over 6 feet and nicely
muscled with closely cropped thin white hair, Francis Blackstone
radiated calm assurance and authority. He practically shone, his own
latex uniform polished to perfection. Blackstone wore a form-fitting
neck entry catsuit with a codpiece, calf-hugging boots ladder laced
with bright white cord and what could only be described as a utility
belt that Batman would be proud of.Standing next to each other,
Blackstone and the stranger whom Blackstone addressed as “Mortson”,
were like two similar magnetic poles: both powerful and attracting to
most, but to each other, it seemed like it was only their force of will
keeping them within proximity and that any moment, there would be an
explosion.“Is that the boy, over there?” Blackstone asked, indicating
Alex, over in the alcove.“No, Francis, yours is over there flirting
with the bartender. Danny will be so disappointed when you choose this
one. He was hoping to take him home himself. The one all trussed up is
my own acquisition”Blackstone glowered. He hated when the stranger
acted so familiar, using his given name when he didn’t know the
Stranger’s real name. 25 years of doing business, and Blackstone had
come to know the man as the “Stranger”, capital S, in his own mind,
having found at least five separate identities for him.“Well then, I’m
going to go observe your candidate for a while. Are you ready to
deliver him?”“Are you ready to receive him?”“Of course.”“And you expect
me to be any less prepared? Francis, my dear old friend,” the Stranger
put a harsh, biting emphasis on ‘old’, ”do you expect to be any less
prepared? I always have an operative laying in wait.” The Stranger
handed Blackstone the drink which was suddenly waiting on the bar next
to them. “Scotch, single malt, at least 18 years old. One rock, just
like you.” Blackstone scowled. “Just like you always order, of
course.”Blackstone accepted the drink, frowning. “One day, I will find
out where your intel comes from, Mortson. I’ll signal you yes or no
when I leave.”Leaving Blackstone to his affairs, the Stranger dropped
off his overcoat at the coat check. Stripping off the fabric shell, the
Stranger revealed underneath a cloak of dozens, maybe even hundreds, of
black latex strips dangling from around his neck. The tendrils of the
Stranger’s cloak hung about him and constantly moved ever so slightly,
undulating as though constantly stirred by the Stranger’s motion or by
a draft through the bar. Black like the rest of the Stranger’s latex,
the layers of black latex strips formed an even darker blackness
beneath, in the shadows between strands.The Stranger returned to Alex,
walking up behind Peter, the bar’s resident cock sucker who had his
back to the bar and his mouth over Alex’s dick. Alex, was still
anchored to the wall by his neck, and Peter had managed to pin the
boy’s arms behind his back and was going to town on the poor boy’s
dick.The man on his knees working over the boy was wearing a sleeveless
black latex suit which ran down his torso and disappeared down his legs
into hip-high waders. The sleeveless top showed off well defined,
though not large, muscles covered in intricate tattoo work. The right
arm showed a cascading celtic knot work which started extremely dense
at the shoulder and seemed to both fade out and space itself out as it
wound down passed the elbow and over the forearm to finally disappear
just shy of his wrist. “I’ve been gone at least five minutes, Peter,
haven’t you gotten a load out of the boy, yet?”The tattoo on Peter’s
left arm showed a writhing elongated gothic dragon with the tail
disappearing under the latex at the shoulder and the body stretched
down the arm with the mouth ending on the back of the hand. The
Stranger got an excellent view of the life-like detail of the green and
gold eyes of the tattoo as Peter shot his left arm up to show his
middle finger to the Stranger. The middle finger held the outstretched
tongue of the dragon tattoo.“Come now, Peter, no need for tha…” The
Stranger ended his quip mid-syllable as Alex made a sudden panting
noise and grunted loudly through his gag as his hips bucked. Peter
extended his index finger, still holding his hand up in the air for
another few moments before standing up and wiping his mouth with the
back of his hand.“I’m sure I could get another two loads out of him if
you want, boss, real easy.”“I’m sure you could, Peter, now off with
you. This boy’s mine.”Peter wiped his mouth once more with his
dragon-inked hand, the eyes of that beast seeming to glisten and wink
at the Stranger as Peter slunk away.The Stranger reached up to the
collar still holding Alex to the wall and pinched the latches on either
side to release his neck. Alex practically fell away from the wall into
the Stranger’s arms, and the writhing tendrils of the Stranger’s
writhing cloak. Pivoting around Alex, the Stranger placed his own back
against the wall and turned Alex around to watch the room.“It’s
amazing, isn’t it? All these people, all drawn to each other, to this
place. How do so many different men from such different backgrounds
find an interest in leather, rubber, bondage, or all of them? You knew,
didn’t you, Alex?”The boy nodded, mesmerized by the feelings of being
pressed against this man behind him, the voice whispering in his ear.“I
could tell you were one of us the moment you walked into the bar. Not
just someone looking for a dalliance, but a lifer. It’s a talent of
mine, one I developed a long time ago. I know. Like I know you want
more of your body covered in the latex. To just feel it running down
your legs, covering you head to toe.”Enfolded in the Stranger’s cloak,
Alex imagined he could feel everything the Stranger said, as he said
it. The tendrils of the cloak lightly lapping against his body felt
like hundreds of constant sensual strokes. Meanwhile, the Stranger held
him back against his body with one arm around his chest and the other
stroking his head, probing his mouth, wandering about the boy’s
body.“You like that feeling, don’t you, that feeling of rubber
streaming around your body, enclosing it.”Alex weakly tried to say
‘yes’ through his gag, but it only came out as “Yuff” as the Stranger
reached down and grasped his cock.The Stranger smiled as he felt a new
erection begin. “And you like . . . sounding like a dog.” Throb. “The
idea of your hands, your paws being on the floor,” Throb. “Your hind
paws set so you can only scamper around on all fours,” Throb. “Only
able to bark and wag your tail…” The Stranger squeezed playfully as
Alex’s dick throbbed again.“Yes, I think you would like that. Not all
the time, but at least some times being that dog. That’s what you want
to have, what you want to give: the unconditional love of a dog for his
master.” The slight nod and the whimper from Alex’s gagged mouth told
the Stranger what he already knew.“You want the tail, don’t you?” The
Stranger had a way of making questions sound like statements. “More
than anything, you want to feel it feel it, like an extension of your
body. You want to be able to wag it and life it up so that your alpha
can mount you.” Alex nodded vigorously at this, imagining the sensation
of his wagging tail and the pleasure of being mounted.“That’s right,
you can feel it, can’t you? You’d make a great lab retriever, a
chocolate labrador retriever. You’ve even got the right muzzle for it,
can’t you see?” Pointing across the room at the mirror behind the bar,
the Stranger indicated a pair in the mirror. One was the Stranger, the
other was someone apparently wearing a black rubber hood with ears and
a muzzle like a dog, a Labrador retriever like the Stranger had
described. Shaking his head in surprise, Alex saw the dog hood shake
his own head. That was him!The Stranger whispered in his ear. “That’s
right, my dog boy, that’s you. Look at your paws, pup.” With that, the
Stranger pulled Alex’s rubber-covered fists out of the folds of the
cloak to where he could see them. Alex would swear he could still feel
his hands, his fingers, but all he could see was a large, human sized
dog paw.“Now, now, boy. I know you dogs like to stand on your hind
paws, but wouldn’t it be so much easier on the ground?” As the Stranger
spoke the words, Alex felt it becoming harder and harder to remain
standing. “That’s right, Alex. I haven’t had a dogboy around the bar in
a while. You’d like to be my pet for a bit, wouldn’t you?”With that,
the Stranger let go of Alex’s arms, which threw Alex off balance and he
forward collapsing to the floor. His fists, his padded forepaws,
cushioned the fall. Looking back to his legs to see what was wrong with
them, he barked out loud in surprise, and then barked again in surprise
at his own barking.What Alex couldn’t understand was where his pants
had gone. He had been wearing denim blue jeans and tan work boots and
now he was covered below the waist in latex. His toes were pointed
completely down and unable to support any weight when he tried to stand
up again. There was a tingling behind him, and he saw his tail wagging
through the Stranger’s cloak. He barked again at the sight of the tail,
and again at the sight of his own dick, enclosed in a thick rubber
sheath. Alex tried to aggressively jump up at the Stranger, but only
managed to plant his forepaws on the Stranger’s chest. “Oh, so you’re a
playful puppy, are you?” The sudden scratching/rubbing behind his ears
unexpectedly led to Alex panting and wiggling his butt back and forth
to wag his tail.He shook his head side to side, trying to clear it and
only succeeded in throwing drool to the left and right. “Down boy, I’ll
take you home with me later, but for now, you should go sniff the butts
around here and get to know the place better.”Taking a hold of Alex’s
forepaws, he picked them up and deposited them to the side, Alex
landing with a *whumpf!* The Stranger patted Alex’s upraised behind and
pointed to a small group. “Go on, boy!”As Alex hesitantly padded off
towards some of the regulars off in another dark corner, the Stranger
took in the room. Alex was easy, and only gave token resistance to his
suggestions. In his heart, Alex knew what he wanted and was ready to
accept the Stranger’s suggestions. He had an open heart and mind.In his
contract with Blackstone, the Stranger had agreed not to engage any
prospective subjects himself, so he would need to find a proxy for when
Blackstone approved of Jordan. An attractive man with interests similar
to Alex, the Stranger had considered taking Jordan for his own.
However, the Stranger sensed an edge to Jordan, a fire in him that
would work to Jordan’s advantage.Danny interrupted the Stranger’s
reverie with one of his clicking signals. A brief glance towards Danny
and then towards the door revealed Danny nodding his head slightly and
pointing his thumb towards Blackstone who was exiting the bar.“Show
time,” the Stranger thought to himself. Peering around the bar, the
stranger picked out a casual regular to the bar. The chosen proxy was a
weak willed predator traveling with a group of his pedestrian friends.
“Fodder for another day.”Sighing and visibly relaxing, the Stranger ran
his hands up the back of his smooth bald head and down over his face to
his chin. The way the hood seemed to appear on his head, a chance
observer would be hard-pressed to say if the Stranger was pulling the
hood over his head from the back or painting it on with the flat of his
hands. The rubber was adhered perfectly to his skin, showing all his
features save his mouth, which was oddly smooth. His eerie eyes showed
through openings which seemed to meld with his skin, the only other
portals in the hood were holes reaching into his nostrils. It was alien
in appearance, but this strange man radiated comfort and
self-assurance.Standing there in the alcove, he watched the patron
until it was time to engage him. Glenn, he’d heard the man called by
his friends. Glenn was a predator in his own right. If the Stranger
wasn’t going to make use of him this night, he might need to take him
out of circulation sooner than later, anyway. This way, perhaps the
Stranger might redeem Glenn before he became a danger, or at least
neuter him.Eye contact made, and as quickly, Glenn was distracted.
“Glenn’s seen me. He wanted to see me. Good.” The Stranger signaled to
Danny as he made his way to the bathroom. It was time to prepare for
Glenn’s now inevitable trip to the bathroom and the beginning of
Glenn’s new life as well. Between Alex and Glenn, this strange man
would have hands full with training.


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