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[Musings...] Piercing Experiences: Nipples
Most of my life, my nipples have been horribly insensitive. I’d know if
someone was touching them, but they were rarely pleasurable. Sure, they
could be hurt and it wasn’t hard to cause them pain. But again, there
was no gap between being aware of sensation and the sensation of pain.
Some pigs enjoy the nipple pain. There was no pleasure, or
pain/pleasure combination. I didn’t get enjoyment from the pain, and I
still don’t.

What I learner over time though was that after really rough nipple play
(hey, even though I didn’t enjoy it, I’d be bound and couldn’t
(wouldn’t?) object to what the top did), my nipples would be
pleasurably sensitive to very light touches afterwards. When the
contact was kept light, the sensation effectively short circuited my
brain. I didn’t go into sensory overload, per se, but all of my
attention would snap to the feeling of the light caresses of my
nipple’s nubs. I would go slack-jawed as my eyes closed and I would
sigh at the sensation.

I loved those feelings when they would happen, but I rarely let people
push me hard enough and the people who I did play with that were likely
to push that hard were unlikely to be of the type to be so gentle
afterwards. I can count only a handful of instances where I had that

That changed in July 2008.

I’d been talking with a Master in MD for some years and he’d shown an
interest in helping me with a fantasy of mine. I knew I wanted my
nipples pierced and also knew I’d be too much a coward to follow
through. July 4th weekend in 2008, I found myself strapped down to the
bondage table in his basement. I was completely immobilized: mitts,
blindfold, straps over arms, legs, torso. Adding in head and chin
straps completely removed my freedom of motion. I was stuck.

And while I was completely stuck, I got stuck. 14 gauge needles (1.6
mm) went through first one then the other of my nipples. Stars exploded
behind my eyes. If not for the blindfold, I’m sure I’d have had tunnel

After Healing
Immediately, the “wiring” got connected. That “lost in the feeling”
experience came all the time now. For the first few months, even the
motion of my t-shirts would be horribly distracting.
I loved it... except for the fact that people seeing a new piercing
tend to gravitate to playing with it. For the next year and a half, my
nipples would be almost healed when someone would play with them just a
bit too much. (Yes, I was guilty of this myself). One or the other
nipple would get irritated and then infected. It was never anything
bad, just really annoying.

Around January 2010, I took out the left nipple ring. It was the one
that gave me the most problems. The nipple healed up in days, but the
hole itself was completely closed within hours.

I originally started off with some circular barbells, but I think they
may have been better off starting with a straight barbell initially. I
switched out to straight barbells while healing. They didn't get hooked
on or in things quite so easily.

I'm currently wearing a 10ga circular barbell which I'll occasionally
switch out for a captured segment ring, which I'm quite fond of.

Since then, my nipples have been quite sensitive. It's easy to cause me
pain with them, and I still don't enjoy that pain. In fact, I find that
once they've been used to cause me pain, I don't enjoy nipple play for
a while afterwards. It's not until they're back to the new norm that I
enjoy them.

I may get the left nipple re-pierced, I haven't decided. I'll probably
need to be strapped down again for that, because it hurt that much. My
other piercings were MUCH easier. But those are other stories

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Mine have always been really sensitive. It seems that the more brutal someone is with them the more sensitive they become for the next few days. When SF Dingo was leading me around a party once by them they were still pretty tender for the next week to the point I had to wear softer shirts!

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