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The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Giving 'back off' vibes?
In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth" (and you can still ask me anything until 23:59 in your local time on Feb 28 ) , I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless (and I'm going to screen responses to this post to prevent any accidental exposure).
I have every reason to believe you find me attractive, ... We had a great scene together once (I think you agreed).

But somehow when I've seen you in person since then (at MAL) I've been getting "back off" vibes.

The question I have is -- am I interpreting correctly?

That's all, you don't need to explain if you don't want to....

I'd like to get together with you again at some point, but if you need me to back off, that's cool -- I will.

Specifically for the person who asked the question: You're doing it wrong.  It's not that you're being too aggressive.  You're not being aggressive enough!  At events, if you don't grab me by the arm or the scruff of the neck and drag me off, I'm going to stay in "flighty social butterfly" mode.

This is a more general problem, though.  I tend to be oblivious.  Really.  And I'm a bottom, remember.  Okay, I do have my moments of when I'm a truly sadistic son of a bitch, but usually I'm laid back and relaxed.  Mind you, at this point, you'll probably find me in a more subby mood. :)

So the lesson?  I need a firm hand.

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*chuckles* I'm just imagining what my reaction would be and it'd be stark contrast XD

Your reaction to what, pr[ae]y tell? :)

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