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February Frenzy: "The Truth"
football thinking
I've got nothing that I particularly feel like writing about of late.  I'm living Chicago, job's great, I miss Chris.  He'll be moving out here when the house in NY sells.

Ask me questions, and you'll get answers.  Ask anything at all.

Questions will be screened, and I won't reveal the source of the question (unless you request it). So ask away. Just don't ask a question unless you are willing to get an answer you don't like.

As an added bonus, I'm going to say that if you have a photographic request or suggestion, I'll be taking up those as well.

I'll start giving out responses to any questions starting on February 1 and will be spacing them out through the month.  I'll answer questions asked on this post if asked before February 27.

For examples of past questions asked, check out my prior posts on the truth.


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