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Bondage Poker: The New Edition

Bondage Poker

A greatly simplified version


A tournament style poker game where players may wind up bound for extended periods of time. The simple explanation: each hand is dealt and played just like any other game of no limit Texas Hold’em.  When the hand is won, the winner will be awarded a piece of bondage gear which he will apply onto any player.  Game proceeds till only one player is left with chips and/or only one player is not fully incapacitated.


  1. Buy-In.  There is a $10 buy-in.  Minimum bids will be $0.05.
  2. Limits: Each player will briefly state his limits prior to play.
  3. Gear: All gear will be lockable.
  4. First, make sure everyone knows what each thing is and how it is used.
    1. The VETO:  Each player has the right to veto the use of (3) pieces of gear on himself.  All VETOS must be stated in writing before the game begins.  If any piece of gear has more than 75% of the players vetoing it, it will be removed from play.  If any player feels the need to veto more than (3) pieces of gear, he should remove himself from play.
    2. Each piece of gear will be written on a slip of paper and along with the names of the players who vetoed that piece of gear.  These papers will be placed in a container.


Again, play will proceed as in any other Tournament Style Texas Hold’em – All players will begin with the same amount of chips.  At the end of each hand, the winner will draw a slip of paper.

The winner will chose at that point to apply that gear.  When a piece of gear is placed on someone, it is then locked and the key(s) to that gear are put aside.  When a piece of gear is selected that the keys can be placed inside, any keys up to that point will be placed inside the gear.

Example: the previous two hands resulted in a locking collar and a locked muzzle.  This hand resulted in a pair of locking fist mitts.  The keys to the muzzle and the collar are placed inside the mitts, then the mitts are locked on the new target.  The keys to the mitts are then placed aside until the next piece of gear is selected.

The next hand is dealt and play continues…

All players continue until one of two things happen:
          A player loses all his chips
          A player is not able to play (hold cards, bet, etc.)

If a player is incapacitated, the winner of the hand from which that player became incapacitated receives all of the incapacitated player’s chips (Note: this will have an affect on strategy!  You can win chips by winning a pot, and by being THE player that incapacitates another.

If a player loses all his chips, but not through incapacitation, he remains in whatever bondage he may be in until the game is over.  If he is still able to play, he may ‘buy’ his way back into the game once by picking one item from the gear container and laying paying ½ of the original buy-in.

If a player manages to incapacitate himself as the result of gear he selected, his chips go into the next pot.

Play continues until only one player remains – He wins the pot.

Each player who holds keys controls when and how to unlock the people whose keys he holds.


A Tie Hand: if two players tie they will both pick a piece of gear from the appropriate bag and apply it to any of the other players.


The house is not scat friendly.  Take care of your bowels before the game starts.

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Ooh! This sounds amazing :P

(Deleted comment)
Careful, you'll end up losing your shirt. :-3

Definately interesting concept....but what happens in an emergency situation? Someone 'sober' with spare keys etc?

(Deleted comment)
Not much. Pulled out a couple of small things, added buy-in, removed separate classes of gear.

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