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Cicero by Mary Mouse

Musings of an ischaemic encephalon

Have you had a reboot today?

LJ Syndication sucks
Cicero by Mary Mouse
Apparently, none of my recent postings have been published to reddywhp_feed.  Seems that LJ's syndication feature sucks donkey balls.

Moving shop, part deux
Cicero by Mary Mouse
Since sirpupnyc asked so nicely, I decided a parting shot. I've set up a syndication of my blogspot, at reddywhp_feed . I can't keep you from commenting there, so if someone replies to a post there, I'll never see it. But there ya go.

Moving shop
I've decided to move over to Blogspot at reddywhp.blogspot.com for my blog, permanently.  Managing the cross-posting over to here really doesn't do much for me.  Unfortunately, LJ's mail-to-post feature strips out all the formatting that I put into the posts.  Maintaining the blog over here on LJ doesn't benefit me much, so I'm going to terminate the cross-posting.

You can still follow my blog if you're using a blog/RSS reading utility like Google Reader.  In fact, I think that by branching outside Livejournal, you will open up to a wider range of blogs and interests.  You can respond to those other blogs using your LJ account via the OpenID standard.

[Musings...] There's no beat... of the meat
I thought I’d post an update on my latest chastity escapade. It’s been
20 days since I’ve been locked up, almost 3 full weeks with a piece of
silicone secured to my cock & balls with a lock and metal cable.

The device
As I mentioned, I’m using the Birdlocked Maxi with their “Security
cordon” - a smooth metal cord secured to the lock after being threaded
through my PA. My PA is a 6ga captive segment ring I got from Painful
Pleasures. I need a took to take the ring out, and I can’t get the tool
at my PA to....

Read more on my new blog at reddywhp.blogspot.com

[Musings...] Another Chastity Attempt
Cicero by Mary Mouse

Priming the pump

As I mentioned previously, purchased the Birdlocked  Maxi, and it arrived Wednesday of last week, on the 6th. Well, I immediately put it on to see how it fit, and it worked out nicely.

Since my buddy MurphySkinPup was in town and staying with me, I tossed him the keys. I knew that if I had them, I’d let myself out once I got horny, and I’d jerk off. And even though I knew that MurphySkinPup would hand the keys back when I asked, I wouldn’t ask. That’d be losing face.

I stayed locked up through the weekend. Come Sunday afternoon, I’d been locked up for over 4 full days. This was longer than I’d gone before. So when the three of us: my roommate, MurphySkinPup and myself met up with JW, I made my decision. I had MurphySkinPup hand the keys over to JW.

I’ve done chastity before. My longest chastity run to date was back in 2009 when I was chaste for 2 months prior to a visit to JW when he lived in SF. So I knew that giving JW the keys would be safe. Frustrating, but safe.

What were you thinking?!?

A big reason I’m into chastity is masturbation prevention....

Read more on my new blog at reddywhp.blogspot.com

[Musings...] The Kid

The Kid

Bondage, non-consensual, knock-out, fiction
Copyright © 2005 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive.
What follows is a piece of fiction.  Any similarity to living persons is coincidental.  The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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Another Friday night at the Eagle. The boys were going to go out in force. I was going out with them, a sort of adopted 'big brother' by way of the Kid. I'd been looking out for him for years. So when I moved here, I inserted myself into his group of friends. I'm not much of a bar goer alone, but if there's a social gathering, I'll drag myself out.
Tonight, though, I had different plans.
Normally, it was just jeans and a t-shirt when I went out. I was in a different mood. I pulled on my leather jock. With the tight chrome cock ring built in, it gives me a nice bulge. I pulled on my plain black leather jeans; snug around my waist, but loose around the boots, letting me decide if it was boots in or out. The leather was thick, but well-worn and broken in.
The leather uniform shirt with epaulets was a different matter. I've only had it for a short while, but it was smooth and suple like glove leather. I buttoned it up the front, up to the top button. I bought it off the rack from Mephisto, but it felt tailored to me, the cuffs of the sleeves just long enough for my tastes. The black leather tie blended in well with the leathers. It was visible enough.
I pulled a pair of thick boot socks on, tucking the bottoms of my leather jeans into them. That let my almost knee-heigh Chippewa engineer boots to slide up my leg much more easily, keeping my pants stable and presentable. A quick buckle at the top of my calves, and my ankles, and I was almost ready to go.
On my way out the door, I grabbed a bag, my keys, and my leather gloves. The thin gloves would work well for now. I grabbed my leather motorcycle police jacket. All black, of course. I was ready, I had everything else I needed in the bag.

Read more at my new blog

[Musings...] Vendor review: Birdlocked Male Chastity
The Vendor

I’ve had excellent service from the makers of the Birdlocked device.

Last year during one of my perennial attempts at getting myself locked up, I purchased the Birdlocked “Classic” in April of last year. They shipped quickly, I received the international package within four days of placing the order.

When the locking pin on my “Classic” broke last August, I told them and they immediately sent me two replacement pins. It seems the earlier model pin had a tendency to break. They replaced it no questions.

Again, when I purchased the Birdlocked “Maxi” a week and a half ago, it arrived within mere days. Excellent order handling and customer service. I highly recommend the company.

The Products:

I’ve purchased two Birdlocked devices, the Classic and the Maxi. They’re basically the same design at different sizes.

I’ve had the same problem with the Classic that I’ve had with every captured-ball device I’ve tried the past several years (like the CB2000, CB3000, CB6000). The base ring is always too small and ends up rubbing me raw. I don’t suggest I’m hung like a porn star; my shaft is average but I do have large balls, a lot of scrotum material and I’m thick around the base. The last time I tried the CB6000 for 4 days, I had the skin literally rubbed off my scrotum by the base ring. Also, I run into problems with peeing, because the small shaft of most devices compresses my urethra.

My problem with these devices seems to be an issue of size. They’re usually much too small for me. Now as I mentioned, I purchased the Birdlocked Maxi and it arrived 6 days ago. I’ve been locked in it since it arrived 6 days ago. I’ve usually had to end the chastity scene by now due to the aforementioned problems. Seeing as the Birdlocked Maxi has the same design as the Classic, I would conclude that the Classic is just as good a device.

The flexibility of the device makes it possible for me to lay on my stomach during physical therapy and not worry about being jabbed with a shard of broken acrylic.

I've also got the short cable to run through my captured-segment PA which keeps me from pulling out.

Summary, I like Birdlocked as a vendor, and I like the devices they sell. 

PS. Oh, I did mention a chastity scene was under way, didn’t I. I guess I’ll have to make a post about that before too long.

PPS. I’m really good at digging myself a really deep hole the more horny I get. *shakes head*

[Musings...] The Bathroom KO, chapter 3

The Bathroom KO

Chapter 3

Copyright © 2005 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive. What follows is a piece of fiction.  Any similarity to living persons is coincidental.  The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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Putting on my Fieldsheer two-piece leathers, Marius asked me, "So, are you going to bring him over?" Akasha looked on with a blank face. Pondering as I headed to the motorcycle, "I haven't decided yet." Looking around, I couldn't find my gloves, but then I saw them on the other side of the yard. Telekinetically picking them up, they flew across the room, and onto my waiting hands. Starting the Yamaha up, the roar of the engine filled my ears . . .
. . . as the roar of crashing waves filled my ears, I started to come around. I had slept fitfully. The dreams came and went. I could hear the waves of the ocean crashing nearby. It filled my hearing and frustrated me. Again I shouted, as when I had woken previous times. Again it was in vain. "Hello! Is anyone there?!"
The small tent that Marcus had erected about my head prevented me from seeing anything. Between the dark night, and the opaque fabric, the pitch black was driving me nuts. I had no idea how long I'd been here. I couldn't even say if it actually was still night.
In the night, the once wet sand had dried and packed tight. My awkward position prevented most movement, and leg cramps had long since set in and gone, only to repeat the process again.
These things, which were once fantasy, were rapidly proving to make me miserable. And my misery served to distract me from what was happening around me. I failed to hear the changing noises around me.

Read the rest at http://reddywhp.blogspot.com/2011/04/bathroom-ko-chapter-3.html.

[Musings...] Is it a death-wish?
I was recently asked to present the topic of Breath Control as an educational topic at a leather event. I declined because I didn’t think I could present it without becoming adversarial.

I recently learned of the death of another BD/SM player due to a breath control scene gone bad. This just pisses me off even more. I don’t know what I can tell people that you don’t already know. It’s dangerous? You know that.

All I can do is demonstrate how dangerous breath control is. It’s certainly dangerous alone, but it’s also dangerous with others.

Since 2006, many people have died in the scene. On average, there has been more than one death every six months for the past five years due to breath control scenes. Is breath control a death-wish? It’s not mine, nor do I think it was theirs. However, many have died. There's nothing I can do to undo that. Maybe their deaths will be the wake-up call for some of you dumb-fucks who think that it'd never happen to you.

1Apr 2006Adrian Exley of the UK,play with an "experienced" breath control top
2Jun 2006Gary Leblanc of Massachusetts, US, committed suicide when implicated in the accidental death and subsequent cover up of Adrian Exley
3Jul 2006Kurby of Washington, US. Solo breath control play.
4Sep 2006"Burley", rubber bear from Maryland, US. Solo breath control.
5Jun 2008Yoshio Joseph (JoeyRubber), solo breath control scene, nitrous
6Jul 2008Dave “Gummidawg” of Seattle, solo breath control scene
7Jan 2009"Boy" Bruce Brandon of Ohio, US. Solo breath control play
8Jun 2009David Carradine, actor, solo breath control play
9Aug 2009David "TiedupUK" Tidmarsh of Cambridge, UK, solo play
10Apr 2010James "Bodisama" Hatton of North Carolina, US, solo play
11Apr 2010Alejandro Bulaevsky (BikeRubber), OD while solo cuffed, latex & gasmask
12Nov 2010Mike, aka “Spuds”, aka “Klausbndg” - solo breath play, possibly with gasses
13Feb 2011Jani, "CBR1100XX", a Finn living in Belgium. Nitrous play, possible with others
14Apr 2011Augie K of New York, partner of Gil K, solo Nitrous play

[Musings...] Photos: Sleepsacked Rocket
One day in April 2010, I came home from work to find my partner had
been zipped into a latex sleepsack w/ his M17A1 gasmask by a friend of
ours. I thought he was looking particularly hot and pervy and needed to
get some shots. There were several layer of latex involved here. A lot
of sweat.

The whole set of the Sleepsacked Rocket is available on my flickr