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[Musings...] Story time
I've started posting stories, beginning with some of my older stuff.  I've decided to cheat and take advantage of my Blogger's scheduled publishing feature.  I've got one story/chapter being posted every Thursday at 9AM from now until mid July.  Thursday is fiction day.  I'll make other posts with other stories and commentary, but for now, I've got some content rolling.

I've still got pictures and personal experiences to post.  And since I'm locked in chastity (yes, again), I'm going to have some free time to think about it.

I've disabled automatic cross-posting over to my livejournal account, because none of the formatting translates.  Also, the stories which I'm about to start posting have already been posted over there.  In the mean time, I'll do a manual cross-posting.

My new blog is at
My old blog is still at

ps. Apparently, disabling the cross-posting didn't actually disable the cross-posting.
pps. Anyone know how to disable LJ's "Removing unwanted text" functionality from email posting? Or how to make Blogspot automatically append custom text to mail notifications it sends out?


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