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Bondage Poker v 2.0
Cicero by Mary Mouse
Bondage Poker version 2.0 was designed by BoundD

Bondage Poker


A tournament style poker game where the losers wind up bound and controlled by the winner.  The simple explanation: each hand is dealt and played just like any other game of no limit Hold’em – when the hand is won, the winner will be awarded a piece of bondage gear which he will apply onto any one of the losers.  Game proceeds till only one player is left with chips and/or only one player is not fully incapacitated.


  1. Limits:  Each player will complete a questionnaire clearly stating their limits and these will be respected by all players (We may try to do this via email prior to the day of game)
  2. A time limit for the game and ensuing bondage play will be established.
  3. Cataloguing gear.  Before the game begins, we will layout all the gear and break it into two or three categories:
    1. Non-incapacitating gear – items that will allow the player to continue playing – for example, collars, ankle restraints, cock/ball/ass restraints/toys…etc.  (We may decide to include certain gear, with restrictions, for example, handcuffs, applied in front or 20’ of Rope, no wrists
    2. Mostly incapacitating gear – items that will make it much more difficult or impossible for the player to play – for example, fist mitts, gags… etc.
    3. Completely incapacitating gear – items which, once placed on, will prevent the player from being able to play: total coverage hoods, straightjackets, sleepsacks, etc.Once gear is broken into categories, there will be time to peruse the all the gear for two reasons:
  4. First, to make sure everyone knows what each thing is and how it is used – for some things this may not be totally clear.
    1. The VETO:  Each player has the right to veto the use of (3) pieces of gear on himself.  In other words, if there is a huge buttplug and Player A thinks there is “no way he will wear that thing” – he can VETO that piece of gear.  That means that whoever wins that piece of gear in the game cannot use it on Player A.  All VETOS must be stated in writing before the game begins. (Note, if any piece of gear has more than 75% of the players vetoing it, it will be removed from play, but may be used by the winner after the game finishes on anyone who did not veto it)
    2. Each piece of gear will be written on a slip of paper and along with the names of the players who vetoed that piece of gear.  The papers are put in three separate bags each representing one of the categories.

Again, play will proceed as in any other Tournament Style Texas Hold’em – All players will begin with the same amount of chips.  At the end of each hand, the winner will draw a slip of paper from the appropriate bag (Non-incapacitating, until it is empty, then mostly incapacitating, until it is empty, and then completely incapacitating…

The winner will chose at that point to apply that gear to any player that did not win that hand.

The next hand is dealt and play continues…

All players continue until one of two things happen:

            A player loses all his chips

            A player is not able to play (hold cards, bet, etc.)

If a player is incapacitated, the winner of the hand from which that player became incapacitated receives all of the incapacitated player’s chips (Note: this will have an affect on strategy!  You can win chips by winning a pot, and by being THE player that incapacitates another.

If a player loses all his chips, but not through incapacitation, he remains in whatever bondage he may be in until the game is over.  If he is still able to play, he may ‘buy’ his way back into the game once by picking two items from the ”Non-incapacitating gear” or one item from the “Mostly incapacitating gear” bag.  If the net result of the new gear subsequently makes the player incapacitated, his new chips go into the next pot.

Play continues until only one player remains – He is the winner.  The winner has free reign (within the limits stipulated by each player) to do as he likes with all other players for the time remaining – this includes, release some and allow them to top others… etc.  The winner is the “alpha” and gets to call all the shots – if he releases a player and then decides he wants to re-bind that player, the winner’s word is final.


A Tie Hand: if two players tie they will both pick a piece of gear from the appropriate bag and apply it to any of the other players.

Delegate Top:  A hand winner may ask another player to apply the gear to a third party – ie, Player A wins a hand and pulls “20 feet of Rope, no wrists” – Player A knows he has not so great rope skills, but Player B is an excellent Rope Top – Player A may ask Player B to apply rope to Player C.

The winner will have the say as to who gets to cum and when.  Once the game starts, though, you stay in to the finish.  If you come in the course of playing, that doesn’t excuse you from the game.

My house is not scat friendly.  Take care of your bowels before the game starts.

OK – a couple of us have been talking and wanted to find a way to raise the stakes and to keep boys who might “throw” the game on purpose wanting to stay in longer.  This is what we came up with.

The OVERALL WINNER will receive a Contract of Submission from each of the losing players.  The terms of the contract will be established by each player before game play begins (Every player will fill out, similar to the limits questionnaire, a survey which stipulates what they will and won’t do as part of their Submission Obligation to the WINNER, should they lose).

Each losing player will owe a certain amount of time OUTSIDE OF GAME TIME to the WINNER to be paid over the course of the next 30 days (at mutually agreeable time(s)).  The amount owed will be determined by how early or late you went out of the game:

1st out: 2 hours
2nd out: 3 hours
3rd out: 4 hours

and so on – once you have the total number of players you will create the appropriate scale.

While it may seem backwards to have the person who almost wins to owe the most sub time, it does two things – raises the stakes for those remaining in the game and encourages the more-sub-leaning guys to stay in longer and not throw the game.

Collecting on the Submission Contract: the Winner and each of the losers will come up with a timing that works for both of them – the time can be “served” all at once or in separate sessions.  The submission is just that, the loser submits to the Winner’s will—the winner can decide to use this time for more bondage, or for other kink related activities (as long as they are part of the loser’s submission contract) or, the winner may use the time for a variety of not directly sexual activities: errands, housecleaning, etc, and may demand the loser teach them some bondage skills for example, if the loser is a great rope top and the Winner wants to improve his skills he could call in the contract to have the loser teach him bondage skills.  It is wide open and will only be limited by the submission questionnaire.

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Thank you for posting both the 1.5 and the 2.0 versions of these! I read the 1.5 version then went off to take a shower. While doing so, I was wondering among other things "Being pretty much a total bottom, what the hell would I do if I was the winner?" and what about the bottoms that might throw the game in order to get tied up. Then I came back and read 2.0 and there was the answer.

Good answer.

I've saved and printed these for future reference of course. :-P

Like I mentioned in my last post, this is the only time I've ever had any interest in poker. I guess the stakes were never just high enough!

Sounds like I need to be at one of your poker games.

You could always set up a local game (since you're so far away)

Hmmm ... I'm in. Oh yeah ... and I've never played Texas Hold'em before ... Honest!!!

Sounds like a great game!

I want to play!

Re: Sounds like a great game!

I've thought about setting it up at Inferno... but that seems kinda redundant. :)

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